Dumfries is a vibrant county town, and it should not be difficult to find a place to stay if you are visiting. Depending on your budget and specific details you are looking for, such as proximity to particular amenities, you can get accommodation wherever you want.

Where to Stay in Dumfries

  • Farmers Inn: This motel has been in existence for more than 300 years, but the ambience is modern. It is located in Clarencefield village a few miles from Dumfries. It has a self-contained annexe and is known for home-cooked meals. The rooms are partitioned in a way which allows every space to have its own door. They have different sizes, from family, twin, and single beds.
  • The Manor Country House Hotel: Located in Torthorwald village near Dumfries, this hotel has ensuite bedrooms and gives a pleasant feeling of being at home. It is famous for the personalised attention which guests are given, and the fact that their bar menu offers many choices. The hotel can be booked online, or by walking in and inquiring if they have space.
  • Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club: This is a large facility which offers 91 rooms. It is a good place for people travelling in a group, or for an individual who wants to enjoy their leisure facilities. This hotel, other than providing accommodation, also has a spa bath, sauna, heated swimming pool and gym. Their meals are also deliciously made by top chefs.
  • Old Mill Cottage: This is for people who want reasonably priced accommodation. The Old Mill Cottage is a self-catering holiday home where visitors are allowed to make their own food. It is located in 18 acres of woodland, making it an ideal place for people who love nature.
  • Barend Holiday Lodges: These are cosy lodges which allow visitors to check in with their pets, and are ideal for self-catering.