Brief History

Dumfries, nicknamed the Queen of the South by local poet David Dunbar in 1857, is the largest town in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland. Officially established in 1186, Dumfries is rich in history and culture and was a casualty during the English invasion of Scotland in 1300. Dumfries is found close to the northern border of England, near the Lake District. There are numerous notable Dumfries residents, such as famous poet Robert Burns, and chart-topping artist Calvin Harris.

Why Dumfries over Edinburgh or Glasgow?

There is a reason why Dumfries is dubbed the happiest town in Scotland in a poll of over 17 000 people.

Based on arts, culture, safety, and excellent food, Dumfries came out on tops against other bigger cities and towns with Scotland.

The town is one of the centres of arts and literature in Scotland, and the various museums, galleries and festivals are a must-visit for any art lover. Dumfries also has less snow-fall than other locations in Scotland due to its position and enjoys milder weather all year round.

Those looking to get away from a large city and the rampant crowds will enjoy the open spaces and tranquillity that Dumfries has to offer. A traditional market town, Dumfries is perfect for young families, and the surrounding landscape is ideal for adventure and nature lovers.

How to Get There

Dumfries train station lies on the Glasgow South Western Line, and the train trip is just shy of 2 hours from Glasgow. It is also a quick one and a half-hour drive down the M74. Dumfries is a scenic two and half hour drive from Edinburgh, and there is also a bus route for those who do not have a car. There is also a train available, but you will have to switch trains in Carlisle.

Dumfries can definitely be a stop while visiting Scotland, just a couple of hours from main Scottish cities. Edinburgh can be reached by bus or by train, then once left your bags in a luggage storage facility in Edinburgh, you cn spend the entire day visiting the city centre, have a walk on the Royal Mile or discover the magic of the Edinburgh castle.