Dumfries is one of the most exciting places to visit when you are in Scotland. It offers numerous opportunities to explore and discover different interests. Whether you love nature, arts or simple food, you will find the right places to visit.

What to Do in Dumfries

Some of the activities which you can enjoy while you are in Dumfries include:

  • Visit the Dumfries and County Club: This course is an attraction to many people, and whether you are a fan of golf or not, you will find the 18 hole course to be a marvel. The greenness and expansive scenery are beautiful. They also have a lounge and excellent catering. For people who want to play golf, the club offers equipment that can be hired.
  • Go to Dock Park: This park is loaded with the history of Scotland. It also has interpretation guides and essential information about the region. The theme in the park is artistic, and the entrance is well designed. Most people who visit the park commend on how much detail was put into the interior design.
  • Go hiking at Mabie Forest Green: For fitness enthusiasts, or people who want to experience Dumfries by doing an outdoor activity, a trip to the Mabie Forest not only exposes you to the lush greenness, but it also gives you a chance to engage in some physical activity. You can even go biking on the forest route, and it takes an average of two hours to complete the ride.
  • Check out the Leslie and Baggott antique store: If you love art, then you will get a thrill from visiting the Leslie and Baggott shop, which is located about five miles from Dumfries. The shop is surrounded by unique beauty, including a lake, and the products they have, can appeal to people of different age groups.