Dumfries, Scotland has numerous historical, as well as modern attractions. Its rolling hills also provide ample outdoor activities. No matter your interests, you will find various activities to keep you occupied.

48 Hours in Dumfries

Here are our top picks of activities, if you are visiting the city for a short-stay, such as a weekend:

  • Caerlaverock Castle: This medieval fortress, complete with moat and twin-tower gatehouse, is the perfect spot for history lovers. Caerlaverock Castle is one of the most distinctive castles in the country and was actively involved in past conflicts between Scotland and England. The castle is a perfect spot if you enjoy photography; you will be spoilt for choice with amazing shots of the monument and nearby scenery. After spending the morning exploring, you can enjoy classic baked goods and tea or coffee in the castle’s tea room. Entrance to the castle is £3.60.
  • Robert Burns House and Museum: Robert Burns, is considered the national poet of Scotland, and the famous author of everyone’s favourite New Year’s Eve song, Auld Lang Syne. But, Robert Burns’ contribution to poetry and song extends beyond this renowned work, and he is even celebrated on “Robert Burns Day” on 25 January each year. Entrance is free, and the house and museum are filled with priceless artefacts and educational history.
  • The Crichton Memorial Church: A visit to Dumfries isn’t complete without a visit to this gorgeous mini cathedral, considered one of the prime examples of ecclesiastical architecture in the region. It was completed in 1897, and is still an operational inter-denominational church, hosting weddings, events and concerts. Be sure to actually check the schedule for your selected dates to see if you will be able to join in a fair (or rather, “fayre”), ranging from gin, Christmas, and whiskey, or take in a concert of the most exceptional orchestral music in the region.